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3 Reasons Why WNY Students Should Take SAT/ACT Practice Tests

Welcome back to the Send Your Kids to College blog! We use this blog to provide monthly updates and insights for students and families of WNY to help better navigate the college planning process. Today on the blog we wanted to talk about practice tests, and why they're important. You may have heard in the last year or so that some high-profile colleges are not requiring test scores, but what you may not know is that those test scores can still help you with financial aid and scholarship money. One of the best ways to score highly on either test is to BE PREPARED, and the best way to be prepared is to take a practice test.

Today we want to specify why taking (at least one) practice test is a great idea for any student planning to attend college.

Helps You Find Your Weaknesses

Both SAT and ACT practice exams are extremely helpful in helping a student better understand what they need to get better at. As a student, you may already know what your strengths are, but you don't want to find out what your weaknesses are DURING your live exam. Be sure to review your answers after each practice test to note your weaker subjects/categories. You may be strong in a particular math section, but weak in a particular math category.

Knowing your weaknesses allows you to build confidence and turn those weaknesses into strengths!

Prepares You For What To Expect

Some people might tell you that the word 'experience,' just means 'failure.' Confuscious once said, "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." Don't be afraid to fail! You will only get stronger from practice. It's one thing to know what to expect, but another to experience the test firsthand. You may know the subject matter, but until you take the test (or a practice) you won't know if you're a strong "test-day test-taker."

The SAT and ACT both test you on more than just knowledge, they're testing your reasoning and critical thinking skills, two things that can get stronger with experience (or failure).

Helps You Better Manage Your Time

One of the most understated aspects of ACT and SAT tests is the factor of time. You only have so much time to complete each section, or more specifically, each question. You may get stumped on a particular topic, which could impede your progress on others. By taking a practice exam or two, you will only better understand with each practice just exactly how long you have to answer a particular chunk of the test. You'll learn that sometimes skipping a question rather than spending too much time could be beneficial. Every student is different!

Practicing your exam means practicing your time management.

These are just a few main reasons why it's always a great idea to take a practice exam or two, prior to taking your live exam. If you have any questions about SAT and/or ACT test prep, don't be afraid to reach out via our contact form! We have a terrific team of seasoned tutors who can provide tutoring and test prep for students of WNY!


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