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In 2024, SAT Goes Digital for the First Time Ever

Well, you won't need to make sure you have two no. 2 pencils in the SAT of the future, as it has been announced that the SAT will be taken on laptops and/or tablets in American testing centers. Let's break down what we know so far about the changes to the SAT.

"Less Clunky"

One of the key changes to the test is obviously the move to digital format. This being the most basic update, but possibly the biggest, means kids who are typically more used to a tablet or computer will be able to take the test on the digital format. This move away from pencil and paper could be viewed as "overdue" to some, but ultimately will prove a positive change according to Kent. R. Hopkins from this New York Times piece,

“It’s about time that they’ve moved away from paper and pencil,” said Kent R. Hopkins, vice president for academic enterprise enrollment at Arizona State University. Mr. Hopkins, who serves on a College Board advisory panel, said he was hopeful that the new format would enhance security and make the test less “clunky.”

Shorter Test Format

In an effort to evolve with the times, The College Board is seeking to change the way people think of the SAT, especially considering many colleges have dropped the requirement to send an SAT score with admission applications. Some changes that will take place starting in 2024 include shortened reading passages, a wider range of topics, and also to allow students to use calculators on the entire math portion of the SAT.

Making the SAT a Better Option in a "Test Optional" World

The College Board has seen how numbers have declined the last few years, with changes to test requirements as well as handcuffs provided by the pandemic. Millions of students who would have needed to perform at a high level before, simply don't even need the SAT to get into school anymore. This is something here at Send Your Kids to College that we don't exactly preach, as test scores and having high performance on your collegiate resume can separate yourself from your competition. The College Board hopes that these changes to the SAT can help invite more students to feel more apt to take the test, and help change the "stressed out" stigma that comes with preparing for and taking the SAT.

How Will This Effect Test Scores? Opinion on the SAT?

We still have a few years before this change fully takes effect in 2024, but as students of WNY are getting ready to graduate high school and looking forward to the SAT, this is big news. We will have to wait and see what the changes will mean in the long-run, but you can count on Send Your Kids to College to provide insight and keep you updated every step of the way. We internally will also be compelled to change our SAT & ACT tutoring to reflect the changes on the test. If you have any questions regarding today's SAT, or the digital SAT of tomorrow, remember you can always reach out via our contact form, DM us on Facebook, or just give us a call! We are always here to help!


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