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Seeking Scholarships - Why Test Scores Are Important in College Admissions in 2023

You may have heard in the last few years that SAT & ACT scores “don’t matter” anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Today on the blog we’re here to help you understand why test scores have mattered in the past, and why they will continue to in 2023 and beyond. The pandemic shook the entire world into new changes, and one of the changes across the US is the perception of what test scores mean if tests are “optional” for college applicants. Let’s take a look.

Many Colleges Still Require Test Scores

The “test-optional” movement is certainly making waves across the US, as more and more colleges of all sizes seem to be adopting more lenient stances regarding test scores. That being said, there are still colleges that require the test to be taken in order to apply. Here in NY, according to UnivStats, there are 269 colleges and universities which require the SAT. Without test scores, many schools won’t even consider your application, and your app may never be even reviewed.

Athletes Are Required

As a prospective student, if you are considering participating in NCAA athletics, you’ll need to submit an SAT or ACT score, and that score must match your core-course GPA. Even if a college doesn’t require test scores for admission, student-athletes will need to take the ACT or SAT. To have the privilege of being an athlete, you must meet the required test scores to be eligible to compete. No scores, no college sports.

Admissions Decisions

As we mentioned, there are still many schools that require test scores, and for those colleges, test scores WILL be used in the admissions decision-making process. The particular score may not be the only factor, but high scores HELP. Admissions officers desire to see scores that correlate with grades. Some colleges may have minimum scores to meet in order to be admitted. If the scores are not required, but you submit them anyway, that could help your chances. Higher scores can always help your case if something else in the application is lacking.

Scholarships & Grants

Here’s the kicker. Test scores are CERTAINLY used to determine financial aid at many colleges. Your GPA and expected family contribution (EFC) and test scores will often be used to determine the amount of $ in scholarships and grants that you will receive. Some colleges offer merit scholarships, and higher test scores could lead to a higher merit scholarship. As you can see, the popular opinion of “test scores don’t matter” is a fallacy, especially here in New York State. We will be sure to keep you updated here on the blog, as well as on social media, to help WNY families better understand the grueling college planning process. We offer assistance with test prep and tutoring, through ALL PRO Tutoring, and if you are in need of any assistance with FAFSA or financial aid paperwork, we can help! Just give us a call or reach out via our contact form to learn more!


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