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Our Complete College Prep Program

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Our complete program is designed to increase the probability that your student will:

  • Avoid changing majors. careers, and colleges

  • Select the college with the best social, academic, and financial fit

  • Improve standardizes test scores to maximize merit aid and scholarships

  • Reduce overall cost and create a financial roadmap to ease the impact on parent retirement and avoid overwhelming debt

Complete College Preparation Program.... $995.00

  • ​MyCollegeMax, Career Planning and College Plan

  • 6 hour of SAT/ACT private tutoring

  • Financial positioning plan and forms processing 

Families enrolling in the Complete College Preparation Program will earn 500 Sage Tuition Reward points which equates to $500.00 in tuition discounts at participating colleges. 

Jeffrey R. Boron CCPS, MBA
(716) 689-7477

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