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WNY Parents & Students

Did You Know?​

FAFSAs filled with one or more errors disqualify students from financial aid, merit scholarships, and student loans. 

Many parents don't even complete these forms because they incorrectly believe they aren't eligible for any money. 

Fortunately, more than $200 billion in financial aid and other merit-based awards are available to help you pay for college

Let Us Help You With Frustrating Financial Forms

The FAFSA shifted significantly when the process was adjusted to make it "simpler," but the first stage of the FAFSA evolution has become a challenge for many parents and students. We are experienced and working regularly with these accounts to maximize Financial Aid awarded to our students. 

Our trained professionals will file your college financial forms for you when you make a donation to our scholarship fund. Paying for a college education is more challenging than ever. One thing hasn't changed, filling out the various forms required, and the time it takes to complete them. 

We know the ins and outs and will ensure that your application is filled accurately and on time. This gives you the best chance to qualify for aid and merit-based scholarships.


A small $79 donation to the WNY Young Achiever's Scholarship can get us started!

FAFSA | NYS TAP | Excelsior Scholarship | CSS Profile 

For more info- Call 716-689-7477 or fill out the form below!


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