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Why Are SAT and ACT Scores Important?

​SAT and ACT test scores impact

  • Acceptance into college of choice

  • Financial Merit/Aid

  • Scholarships

All-Pro Tutoring and Test Prep offers:

  • SAT & ACT classes

  • Private tutoring sessions

SAT and ACT Preparation:

  • 6 Hours of one-on-one tutoring sessions 

  • Includes diagnostic pre-test, workbook, and an individualized study plan. ​

We also offer...

  • 9-Hour Test Prep Course

    • An in-depth preparation for the SAT or ACT test which includes a workbook, study materials and simulated SAT or ACT test. 

  • 4-Hour Boot Camp                                                     

    • ​​An introductory course which includes study materials and a simulated SAT or ACT test. 

Don't Forget!

  • Writing the College Application Essay

    • Do you want to ace your college essay? All aspects of a standout college application essay will be reviewed.

  • Private Sessions available​​


ACT Test Dates

February 11, April 1 & June 19, 2023

For additional ACT test information visit:


SAT Test Dates    

March 11, May 6 & June 3, 2023

For additional SAT  test information visit:

Simulated SAT/ACT

Do you want to know how you might score on the ACT or SAT test? The free simulated test is great practice for the actual ACT or SAT test.

High school students are invited to complete a free simulated ACT or SAT test which includes a follow-up score report.

Held at Send Your Kids to College- 5214 Main St, Suite 200, Williamsville, NY, and Niagara Wheatfield High School, 2292 Saunders Settlement Road, Sanborn, NY.

Niagara Wheatfield High School: 2292 Saunders Settlement Rd., Sanborn, NY 1413

May 20, 2023, 9:30am-12:45pm

What to bring: pencils, calculator (optional), scrap paper and a snack/lunch.


All-Pro Tutoring & Test Prep offers and scores the ACT and SAT simulated tests. These tests are intended for practice purposes only and not for official administration. Score reports are sent within 72 hours of the test date to the email listed on the test form.

To register for private/small group tutoring contact us at, 400-2767 or 310-3319.

Pre-registration is required. Walk-ins will not be seated. 

While many colleges have gone test-optional, the early data has shown that students who submit SAT or ACT test scores have an admissions advantage. All-Pro Tutoring and Test Prep strongly urge students to continue to prepare for and take the SAT or ACT test.

All-Pro Tutoring and Test Prep offers both in-person and online classes. Full semester schedule is listed under the 'Services' tab.

To register for a class click on the school of your choice located under the 'Services' tab.

9-Hour SAT Test Prep Course

April 13, 18 & 20, Grand Island Community Ed

April 17, 19 & 24, West Seneca Community Ed

April 24, 26 & May 1, Williamsville Community Ed

April 25, 27 & May 2, Lewiston-Porter Community Ed

April 26, May 1 & 3, East Aurora Community Ed

April 26, May 1 & 3, Niagara Wheatfield Community Ed

April 27, May 2 & 4, Lancaster Community Ed

4-Hour SAT Boot Camp

April 10 & 12, Alden Community Ed

April 17 & 19, Iroquois Community Ed

April 18 & 20, Alden Community Ed

April 29, Kenmore-Tonawanda Community Ed

May 2 & 4, Lake Shore Community Ed

9-Hour ACT Test Prep Course

May 31, June 5 & 7, Grand Island Community Ed

4-Hour ACT Boot Camp

May 30 & June 1, Willilamsville Community Ed

June 6 & 8, Kenmore Tonawanda Community Ed

Writing the College App Essay

April 19, Starpoint Community Ed

May 3, Lancaster Community Ed

May 9, Lewiston-Porter Community Ed

May 10, Grand Island Community Ed  

May 18, Lake Shore Community Ed

May 17, Kenmore-Tonawanda Community Ed

May 24, Williamsville Community Ed

May 31, Iroquois and Niagara Wheatfield Community Ed

For more information about All-Pro Tutoring and Test Preparation's services, please contact us at:

All-Pro Tutoring

and Test Preparation

5214 Main Street Suite 200 Williamsville, NY 14221

Denise Breier
(716) 400-2767
Jackie Sheehan
(716) 310-3319

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