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Is your child prepared to meet the demands of college?
The lack or preparation is the major reason why only 55% of college freshmen will earn a bachelor's degree in 4 years with most taking 6 years to graduate. 

The Four-Year Myth
Five and six year graduation rates come at significant cost with each additional year at a public university costing over $68,000 in tuition and lost salary.

Dr. Steven Harvey created a system that provides an interactive dashboard designed to help high school students succeed in college and for college students to succeed in their future careers. 

College Coaching Package ($395.00)

  • License to the system (a value of $349)

  • 60-minute Student Coaching Sessions with Dr. Steven Harvey to review the Career Assessments and Learning Styles Assessments

  • 60-minute Parent Session to review the student coaching results and provide additional guidance and direction

This system and professional coaching is designed to:

  • Select the very best major based on self-assessments and professional coaching

  • Learn about and engage in activities that will greatly increase your readiness for college

  • Set goals for visiting and evaluating colleges

  • Increase the probability of finding the best college to match your chosen career goals, major and campus preferences. 

  • After you start college, MyCollegeMax resets to the Career Readiness Scale to help you prepare in the best way possible for your future career after you graduate.

Dr. Steven Harvey

Teacher Assisting a Student


One counselor for every 500 high school students leaves little time for college guidance as the success rates of college freshmen continue to slide.

Female Students


Despite the frenzy that accompanies choosing colleges these days, getting the best value out of a college degree doesn’t come down to public or private, in-state or out, or even the best undergrad for the preferred grad program. 

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