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It Said “Test Optional? | Why You Should Take a Practice SAT / ACT if You’re Applying to College

Welcome back to the Send Your Kids to College blog, where we aim to provide students and families of WNY with an education about your higher education. Part of our organization is All-Pro Tutoring, which provides personalized tutoring and test prep. All-Pro tutoring provides simulated SAT and ACT tests, and if you’re planning on applying to college, you should consider taking one. (or two)

Today’s blog is to give you an idea of why test scores may be more important than you think. “Test optional” is a term that has made students all over the country feel as though they might have a chance of getting out of taking an SAT or ACT test. The tests can be intimidating and studying for the tests can be inconvenient when balancing with routine schoolwork and whatever other activities or work a student has to work through.

“Test-Optional” may not mean what you think

What it does mean is that submitting your test scores is not a requirement for ADMISSIONS. That’s about all it means.

As many colleges have created temporary or permanent policies regarding “test-optional” admissions policies, it should be noted that ACT and SAT test scores can increase merit-based scholarships and college admissions. Even colleges that don’t require test scores to be submitted will often state that they “prefer” or require test scores to be accepted into an honors program.

If you want to pay full price, then “test optional” is the way to go.

By increasing the scores of your SAT and ACT test, you can make a big difference in the cost of your college experience. Some schools may even reward students for “college-ready” ACT/SAT test scores. Even two-year schools sometimes give scholarships if a student has a higher ACT score.

Your score not being submitted won’t “hurt” your case, but it won’t help it either. The admissions committee will consider a higher test score when making a decision, and will put you above a similar applicant who chose not to submit their scores.

Luckily, there are countless options available to help students increase their score.

Studying and preparing for the test can make taking the test much easier. No student should go into an SAT or ACT test without preparing, or it won’t go as well as it could. Practice tests provide a way for students to prepare themselves for every aspect of the day, especially if taken in person. The night before, the morning of, the drive to, the experience can provide insight into what to expect on test day.

Taking practice tests, or taking the test multiple times can help pay you back for your time studying.

A higher score provides a student, regardless of background, with more opportunity to bolster their GPA and their entire application. There are digital resources as well, which can provide practice and virtual resources. We recommend working with a specialist who can provide personal attention to a student and learn to work with them rather than going off books and studying alone. Whatever helps your student study best, will help their score, which can definitely help their bill for college.

Of course if you’re here in Western New York, you can get in touch with the team at All-Pro Tutoring for help with test prep, and even take a practice test. We have one coming up this weekend, which is what inspired today’s blog. It’s being held at Niagara Wheatfield High School. We have these routinely throughout the school year for students to get experience taking the test so they can test higher on test day, and help earn more money for college! For more information give us a call or get in touch via allprotutoring,com ! Remember to follow us on Facebook for more tips and facts about college planning here in Western New York!


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