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Don't Start College Behind | Work With a Certified College Planning Specialist

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Enrollment is Dropping

According to research by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center as reported in the NY Times, the pandemic has shaped the enrolling class of 2020 to 22% less that than of 2019. The effects of this decrease may have echoes throughout all higher education. This research is based on the number of students completing their FAFSA for the fall 2020/spring 2021 schoolyear. Colleges and universities fear the “Lost Class” of 2020 becoming a reality.

Early Student Gets the Funding

According to FAFSA data, those who complete their forms early or on time are more likely to get more funding, as funding tends to go on a first come, first serve basis. Their data also suggests that students who complete all the necessary forms for financial assistance tend to attend college and finish their degree. Completing the forms and paperwork necessary for attending college sets the framework for students to understand deadlines and think critically about what goes into obtaining a higher education.

Take Advantage and Get the School you Want

With this overall drop in college enrollment, many colleges and universities have been leaning on their waitlisted students to fill the attendance rolls. This could mean thousands of students are not forced to fall back on “safety schools.” Due to total enrollment across the country taking a dive, high school students now, more than ever, should ready themselves for the college or university they want to attend most. This preparation is largely dependent upon funding.

$1000 for Young Achievers

At Send Your Kids to College, a large part of what we do is get students and families ready for the big transition into college through tutoring, financial guidance, and higher education preparation, but we also prize our organization for the scholarships we offer each year. SYKTC awards three $1000 scholarships to students through our Young Achievers Scholarship Program.

Scholarships Pay the Bills

According to a study by Sallie Mae, 31% of college bills are paid by scholarships and grants. College can be an expensive endeavor, and the more help a student can get, the better. At SYKTC we work with you and your student to make sure that you are getting all the help you can and making students aware of the help that is out there is a crucial part of our work.

Start Preparing Today

The Young Achievers Scholarship will be made available again in the new year, and it is never too early to get started on preparing your student and family for college. Give us a call or leave your information here and we can get you on the right path towards college without being blinded by the expenses that go along with it. Now is the time to get started preparing for higher education, and with the right help from SYKTC, your student will have everything filled out and in order to get the help they deserve for a future they have worked hard to earn.


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