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5 Reasons Your WNY Kid Should Apply for the 2023 Young Achiever’s Scholarship!

It’s almost that time of the year! Well, yes, it’s the holiday season, but ALSO… it’s almost SCHOLARSHIP season here at Send Your Kids to College! Oh, what a wonderful time of the year! If you didn’t know, January 1st marks the opening day when we’ll begin accepting applications for the 2023 Young Achiever’s Scholarship. (You can learn more about the scholarship here) We select 3 students every year who will receive a $1,000 scholarship to help pay for their college experience. Students have until June 30th to apply, and if you’re graduating in 2024, 2025, or 2026 you’re 1 step into applying!

Every kid is different, some will seek every opportunity to succeed and some kids won’t really care unless they know WHY it’s a great idea. Let’s take a few minutes today on the blog to talk about why your WNY kid should apply for the 2023 Scholarship!

Anyone in WNY Can Win

Well, not ANYONE, but anyone in the class of 2024, 2025, or 2026 that is a high school student in Erie, Niagara, or Genessee county is eligible to apply! We have seen kids win from all over WNY, from Starpoint to Amherst, to Williamsville, and Depew, all the way over to Orchard Park and Hamburg. Where will the next winner come from?

$1,000 Helps

Well, who can’t use $1,000? When considering the grander scheme of things, and the ultimate final bill cost of college, $1,000 may not seem like a lot. To some people, $1000 is a life changer! No matter how much money your family has prepared to spend on college, there are countless expenses that you can use the scholarship money towards. Scholarship money can be used toward any education expenses deemed necessary by your school. This could include books, a laptop, lab equipment, housing, and more.

Applying Is Easy

You’re not going to find a summer job that will pay you $1000 an hour for an hour’s work! Our scholarship application includes some information about you, but the portion required on behalf of the student is quite simple. All they need to do is write a short essay, (less than 300 words), that talks a bit about how college will impact them.

1. The difference a college education will make in his or her life.

2. The college or type of college the student would like to attend.

3. How the student/student’s family plans to pay for the upcoming college

It’s Great Practice for Applying for Other Scholarships

We recommend applying for as many scholarships as you can! The Young Achiever’s Scholarship is one of the countless available private scholarships that can be awarded just a little bit of work! You can check out this blog from a few months ago that helps provide tips on how to write a scholarship essay! Writing about what college will mean to you won’t be the requirement for every application, but the earlier a kid gets started on considering the impact (and cost) of college, the better! It’s a great way to start the “College Money Talk,” if you haven’t already.

It Starts The College Money Talk

If you and your kid haven’t had the “College Money Talk” yet, it’s not too late. Having open and transparent conversations about how college will be paid for is something that we highly recommend. The earlier the better! If you have a plan or at least an idea, your kid not only will be more aware of the future financial costs but also of the value of

maximizing their education and major to avoid extra money on top of the cost.

We hope this helps WNY students and parents understand that scholarships aren’t something that should be perceived as intimidating or scary. Applying for scholarships is easy, and there are options to help pay for college. We recommend applying to as many alternative sources as you can! If you are someone who knows of a WNY student who will be graduating in 2024, 2025, or 2026, do us a favor and let them know about the Young Achiever’s Scholarship! If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach out via our contact form!

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