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New FAFSA Launching Dec 31!

We're back with another update on the FAFSA front. We help students & families be prepared for college by providing assistance and awareness. If you have a question about the new FAFSA forms, please don't hesitate to reach out via our contact form or by phone. We can take all the stress off your hands, but today on the blog we wanted to talk about what to expect as the form is FINALLY here as of Sunday, Dec. 31.

Finally, Have a Date

It was a bit up in the air as to when this newfangled FAFSA was actually going to begin, but as of December 15th, we now know that the official day one will be Sunday, December 31st. "Students and families will be able to complete and submit FAFSA forms online by Dec. 31. We expect applications to peak in late January and February 2024."

Don't Wait to Apply

Because FAFSA typically opens up months earlier than this new date, it is expected that the system could be overloaded with applications. It can also be expected that this flood of applications could cause issues in the early stages. even states that once the FAFSA opens, it will be a "soft launch" while they monitor site performance and form functionality. "During the soft launch, the FAFSA form will be available to students and families periodically while we monitor site performance and form functionality. We will have planned pauses for site maintenance and to make technical updates as needed to provide a better experience for students and their families." This is why we recommend not waiting around to put your application through. Before the date change, students who filled out their FAFSA forms in the first 3 months qualify for twice as many grants as students who wait.

Create Your Account Ahead of Time

If you're a parent who's had a student go through the FAFSA process before, you may already have a profile created. Either way, you can save a bit of time by creating your profile ahead of time. Every applicant needs a username and password for to submit their application. Students and their parents will each need their own account number, and parents should not create one on the other's behalf. Each will need their own social security number, date of birth, and a phone number or email.

You Are NOT Alone!

Don't worry if this stuff is already scaring you off! No matter what school you are going to, our team here at Send Your Kids to College can help take all the stress off our hands. If you need any help with FAFSA, TAP, or the CSS Profile, we can help! Just fill out our contact form or give us a call to speak with Jeff or Kayla, and we can do everything for you!


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