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College Planning Case Study - Yale Awards $47K Scholarship Gift to Local Student

As certified College Planning experts here in Buffalo NY, we work with students and families to help educate and seek action from prospective colleges for financial aid. When you are walking through the college financial planning process you may find it a bit intimidating. You seek information and help but you can't expect much from the financial aid office. That's where we come in..

With the help of a college planning expert like Send Your Kids to college, you'll find out quickly there is a way of doing things right that can save you some significant coin. College is expensive, and when you're seeking admission into higher regarded universities like Yale, there are specific things they will be looking for. We can help you navigate those waters.

This particular student was not only accepted into the Ivy League prestigious Yale University, but with the work we put in together as a team they were also awarded a Yale Scholarship worth...

$47,172 in tuition money. "The gift aid does not need to be repaid, the grants and scholarships shown reflect our calculation of your demonstrated need for gift aid."

That money will be divided into the first 2 semesters, providing $23,586 in gift aid for the Fall semester, and the same for the Spring. This $23k per semester subtracted from the total cost at $38,938 brings this hardworking student to only $15,352 per semester!

Not too shabby!

If you have a student who is approaching the end of their high school years and starting to look at colleges, it's never too early to start planning financially. Please don't hesitate to reach out and contact Jeff Boron for more info! Let's see if we can get your kid some tuition money to help create the perfect future!

Check out the documents below if you don't believe us! Right from Yale!


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