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3 Reasons to Talk to a Certified College Planning Expert

You may wonder what the heck a college planner even is, or how someone gets certified in it. Well, t’s pretty self explanatory.. As a college planner we help students and families plan for their college experience. In essence that’s all we do, but how we do... that is where things can get complicated.

We are proud of everything we are able to do, and if you’re running into the wall trying to plan your financial aid, you’ve found the right place. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form or give us a call! We’d be happy to help..

Here are 3 Reasons why you may need to talk to a College Planning Expert

You’re a Parent Behind Schedule

It’s never too late to start, firstly. It’s safe to say if you’ve read this far you may be feeling like you’re a little behind the ball. That’s okay. As college planners we see this every day. It’s never too early, so technically you’re always a little too late! We like to start working together as soon as possible so we can get everything in line ahead of time, but no matter where you are in the college planning process, we can help.

You’re a Student in Need

Some people have more people around them to help than others. If you are a high school student who is looking for help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We work with families from all over Western New York to help fund college with FAFSA help, tutoring, and you can even earn a scholarship! No one deserves to head into college alone, so if you or someone you know is a student in need of a helping hand, please… send them to Send Your Kids to College!

You’re Just Stuck.

This stuff isn’t exactly easy! Why else would an organization like ours even be here? If your a student or parent of a high school student who’s hit a wall in the FAFSA / TAP process, we can help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the whole process, you aren’t alone. Almost everyone struggles through this process the first time, and many struggle with their next child also! The process doesn’t make it easy on anyone, and it’s always evolving, so trust a professional to show you the way!

These are just a few broad reasons why you might want to talk to a Certified College Planning Expert, but not the only reasons. We try to post useful information here on our blog, as well as over on our Facebook! Remember to follow us and tell your friends and family we can help!


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