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What is International Day of Eduction? #EducationDay

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Today is a special day! If you didn't know, today is known as "International Day of Education." Today on the blog we want to talk about what it means, how it started, and how you can help support the movement! Let's dig right into it!

Education is a Basic Right

Everyone experiences some form of eduction in their life, and it can be so much a part of our life that we don't even consider the importance and capability of it. Education is a basic right and making it available to everyone is something we are all responsible for. Education is the at the root of almost every solution to the world's problems. Each year, the planet celebrates the importance of education on January 24th.

When did #EducationDay Begin?

The United Nations (UN) decided in 2018 that January 24th would from now on be known as International Day of Education. 59 different countries wanted to help champion the power of education and help celebrate it's place across different cultures.

The Need for Awareness

Here in America, we look at education as a necessity, and most kids are offered the opportunity to learn alongside their peers to grow and improve as a person. This isn't the case everywhere. According to the UN, about 244 million children and adolescents around the world are out of school. 617 million children and adolescents cannot read and do basic math. Some four million children and youth refugees are out of school.

Without opportunities for these kids, it will be difficult for these countries to succeed, and many future generations will continue to live in poverty. Unesco is dedicating 2024 #EducationDay to the crucial role education and teachers play in countering hate speech, due to the rise in discrimination, racism, xenophobia and hate speech around the world.

Learning for Lasting Peace

The 6th International Day of Education will be under the theme of "Learning for Lasting Peace." The theme focuses on bringing peace to the world due to a rising increase in violence. This year aims to transform and empower learners with the necessary knowledge, values, skills, and behaviors to become agents of Peace in their communities.

How You Can Help

There are plenty of organizations out there to help! Save the Children for one, offers a chance to honor a memorable education with a donation in their name. They help kids get ready for kindergarten and learn to read by third grade. They are focused on reaching children in rural America, and globally, aim to help kids caught up in crisis. You can talk to your kids and/or students about why this day is important, and help show them that there are kids in other countries, and even our own country, who certainly don't receive the same level of education, and help them see they should be grateful for what they have. Feel free to let us know who you feel made a difference as an educator on or social media post!

We hope you learned something today! We help students and families here in Buffalo and Western New York to better understand college planning. We're currently assisting students and their parents with the new FAFSA forms, and if you're having any trouble, don't hesitate to reach out! Remember to follow us on Facebook for more tips and information regarding college planning!

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