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Prepare For the SAT and Save on Tuition

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

As higher education becomes more and more commonplace, colleges and universities are dropping their SAT/ACT test score requirements. However, in order to get financial assistance, many colleges require you still need to have a certain score. You need to prepare for the SAT. It’s never too early, but it can get too late.

What is the SAT

A Student Takes a Standardized Test / SAT and is filling in bubbles on the exam with a white pencil

The SAT is a standardized test that’s designed to test how you solve problems. It consists of two sections, English and Mathematics, which are broken down further into parts. The English section contains reading comprehension and writing and language skills. It breaks down into four subscores (two for each of reading and writing). Two of these subscores are Command of Evidence and Words in Context. Expression of Ideas and Standard English Conventions are the other two.

The mathematics section has two parts, no calculator allowed and calculator allowed. Math also has subscores of those parts; algebra, Problem Solving + Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math.

There was an optional essay portion to the SAT, but as of January 2021, the College Board dropped it entirely, along with SAT subject tests (history, science, etc).

The SAT may not be required to be admitted to your dream school but it certainly plays a major factor when calculating merit-based scholarships. Think about it like this - if two students are going for the same merit award, both have GPSs over 3.85, but one didn’t take an SAT or ACT and the other took and did well on the SAT, the award is going to the latter student.

How does this affect me?

This all affects how much college will wind up costing you. Being unprepared for a test like the SAT could make it harder to attend the school of your dreams. At Send Your Kids to College, we want as many WNY students as possible to get into higher education. We believe that college and university is the gateway to a fuller life. Don’t let your dreams be dashed because you didn’t prepare for the SAT. Study today, benefit tomorrow.

Contact us!

If you have any questions, contact us! Call us at (716)689-7477 or fill out a contact form. Don’t forget to stay up to date with our blog for more resources to make the college dream a reality. Stay tuned to our test prep page for when the next FREE simulated test will be held.


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