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July 1st is almost here: Apply for your WNY College Scholarship

The last day to apply is approaching

There are a few weeks left to put your name forward to receive your college scholarship for WNY students. The Young Achievers Scholarship is specifically for WNY high school students pursuing college education!

The deadline for the scholarship is July 1st, so make sure to head over to to apply! The scholarship is exclusive to students in the WNY area, and the application process is super straightforward.

College financial planning is a hassle, make it easier with SYKTC’s Young Achievers Scholarship

The best part? After you fill out the application, you only need to write a 300 word essay on why a college education is important to you, where you’d like to attend, and your payment plan for it. Many other scholarships require hundreds of more words that basically require you to detail your life. The Young Achievers scholarship only cares about where it can take you, not where you’ve been previously.

There’s no cost to apply, why wait?

This scholarship has no purchase or cost to apply, so you have nothing to worry about financially in this process. This is exclusive to WNY high school students planning on going to school full-time at either a 2 year or 4 year college. This college scholarship is a great way to help displace the cost of higher education to make it available to everyone.

The best WNY student scholarship

Only the first 1,000 eligible applicants are considered, so hurry over to 2021-21 WNY Young Achievers Scholarship Application | and apply! Between the deadline and cutoff, the time to be considered is rapidly closing. College is expensive, so make sure you get your application in by the deadline date of July 1st, but don't wait too long!


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