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College Visit 101 - Your WNY Guide for College Planning

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Here at Send Your Kids to College, we help students and families better understand how the college planning process works. With so many moving parts, it's easy to put off planning for college until the last minute, but the earlier you start having the "College Money Talk" the better.

If you didn't know, we also currently have an open application for students of Erie, Niagara, and Genesee county for 1 of 3 $1,000 scholarships! Today on the blog we wanted to chat a little about what students and families should think about when visiting a prospective college. This will be the beginning of a mini-series of guides for your college visit! If you want to know more about what to do when visiting a college, just give us a call!

In this mini 3 part series, we will go over what things you and your family should be thinking about when visiting a college campus, in 3 main categories.

  1. Campus

  2. Faculty

  3. Admissions

For our first installation of the College Visit 101 series, we will focus on the CAMPUS.

One of the best ways to know if a college is a good fit for your son or daughter is to just go. Plan a visit with your kid to see and feel the campus with your own eyes. In today's world, there are virtual options available to ask questions or take a "virtual tour" to see if an in-person visit is worth it. An on-campus visit will provide you with the most comprehensive preview of what life is like at this college.

Questions to Consider While On Campus

Can I see myself here for the next 4+ Years?

Do You Love it? What about the campus do you love?

Do You Not Like it? What about the campus do you not like?

Does it feel like where you should be?

Will you be okay with paying off loans to pay for your 4+ years here?

Taking a few different trips to get a feel for these questions is best, as only taking one visit leaves questions unanswered. Even one visit will help your son or daughter better understand the magnitude of this decision, and help them make an educated decision.

Campus Tour Checklist

  • Dorms- Check out the freshman and upper-classman dorms, ask about amenities, requirements, and options (cost)

  • Dining- Review meal plan costs and find out how the school breaks down their meal plan and dining facilities

  • Safety and Security- Review the campus' intentions on protecting the students on and around campus. Is this somewhere where you will feel safe and secure?

  • Campus Highlights- What are the main student union amenities? How is the library? How is the medical facility? What are the athletic complexes like?

  • Your Intended Program Facilities- If you know (or have a few ideas in mind) your major, request to review any special facilities you will be working in, whether its an art studio or a chemistry lab.

  • ASK QUESTIONS! - Ask your advisor or tour guide AS MANY questions as you can! The more questions you ask, the more informed you will be in making your decision. Remember, parents and students may have different intentions, but someone will have to pay for this decision!

Stay tuned to the next blog post where we will talk about what questions you can ask during your tour visit! Remember to "Like" us on Facebook to stay up to date with all news and info! And don't forget to apply to the 2022 Young Achiever's Scholarship!


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