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WNY Scholarships for Relatives of First Responders & Veterans 

If you're connected with a former vet or first responder you may be eligible for these local scholarships!


WNY Heroes

A relative of a WNY veteran.  

American Legion Legacy Scholarship

A few different awards for WNY children or grandchildren of the military.  

Erie County American Legion

Created for families of veterans in WNY.  


First Responders

Firefighter Arno Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship for seniors planning to attend college & are the son or daughter of a first responder employed in WNY.     


Fireman's Association of NY

WNY local student who is the child of a firefighter; or an Explorer.  


100 Club of Buffalo

WNY student who is the son or daughter of a police, fire, or other emergency responder. Must demonstrate achievement & leadership.

Erie County Fire Chief's Mutual Aid Organization Scholarship

Must be a Jr. Firefighter, Firefighter, or Firefighter's immediate family.  Applicants must be planning to continue their education after high school.  Application here.

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