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College Prep Buffalo NY | How Can I Have My Kid Prepared for College?

When it comes to college prep for your Buffalo NY student, how are you getting them ready to hit the books and not waste your money on spring break? If you have a child, it’s never too early to start digging into college prep. The sooner you start preparing your son or daughter for college, both financially and mentally, the more money you will save in the process. Sometimes college preparation is ensuring you have the right savings plan, but sometimes it’s ensuring the student is in the right mind-frame. 


Have Your Students Taken the SAT/ACT?

Our organization is purely dedicated to preparing parents and students for the financial burden and wholesome experience of college. Ensuring you have the proper plan financially is extremely important, but also important is helping your child understand WHY they must do what they need to do. Helping them better understand how it will save them, (or you) money if they walk in ready to work, with a plan ahead of them. We also provide engaging opportunities like simulated SAT/ACT tests for students to get a head start and practice their test before taking it for real.


Choosing a Major for College

Sometimes a kid knows what they want to be. Sometimes kid’s just want to be. The bottom line is, the quicker the kid is in and out of school, the less money it costs. Planning ahead of time to ensure a child is at least focused on a particular set of goals can really help cut total cost. 


For more information on College prep in Buffalo NY with Send Your Kids to College, please give us a call or reach out via our contact form! Jeff Boron is a certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) who’s helped parents get their college plan together to help save them significant money.

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