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Financial Aid for College Buffalo NY | Finding Help

It’s not easy getting information about financial aid for college here in the Buffalo NY area. You may have a few ideas about financial aid from colleagues or perhaps you’ve already put one kid through college. A lot changes over time, and the process for getting financial aid is never easy. The sticker price for that kid’s DREAM school might be a little high, but the actual price probably isn’t that high when you factor in financial aid. 


Planning for financial aid can get tricky, especially if you go into the process alone. You won’t find much help at your student’s high school, and the colleges are busy getting people’s credit card number. If you’re concerned about financial aid for your child, you’re in luck. We are a dedicated non profit based right here in Western New York for financial aid and college financial planning. 


Just ask Jeff Boron, Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) who uses over 150 different strategies to help parents save money on their kid’s college cost. 


Whether it’s the first steps of the FAFSA, getting a college scholarship, setting up a 529 savings plan or anything to do with the college planning process, we have a team dedicated to answering your questions! If you have any questions regarding financial aid here in Buffalo NY, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! 

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