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Find College Scholarships in Buffalo NY

Finding college scholarships in Buffalo NY for high school students isn’t easy! Luckily you’ve found the right place with Send Your Kids to College. As a non profit organization, we help parents and students with everything there is to know about heading into college. We can help you get access to the best college scholarships in Buffalo NY, and we even offer a few ourselves!


Whether your child is a Division 1 caliber athlete or not, we’re sure you’ve probably heard of a scholarship before. A scholarship is any money designated to an individual to help them cover the cost of college, which as we know can be pricey. Many individuals just seem to fluff off the details and await their child to foot the bill later in life. This doesn’t help anyone. There are college scholarship opportunities here in Buffalo NY that you could be taking advantage of today!

12 Mistakes to Avoid


For more information on college scholarships in Buffalo NY, or to apply for one of our annual scholarships, jut reach out to us via our contact form, or give us a call! You will be working with one of the best Certified College Planning Specialists in New York in Jeff Boron. He’s helped hundreds of parents around WNY save themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Let's Get Your Kid a Scholarship!

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